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Are YOU Living a Mermaid Life?

Looking for Mermaids Wherever You ARE!

To A
Mermaid's Life!

My name is Michelle Smith and I am a long time spiritual seeker. I've had an online presence in some form or fashion since 2004 and here I am, almost 20 years later still going strong!

I retired my site, Your Spiritual Garden because I no longer had the joy I once felt posting and sharing information. As my budget has changed, I am focusing my efforts where my dollars flow the strongest and where my costs are the lowest. Hence a free site for now.

That said, I wanted to offer a site which fully embraces  a Mermaid's Life. While it will help if you've read my book, it is not necessary to receive value from what I now offer.

The feedback from My Life As a Mermaid shows me there really are "other people" here who fully GET what a Mermaid Life looks and more importantly FEELS Like.

Living like a mermaid requires we put down the division and hate - quite difficult in today's political climate. This is a challenge and an opportunity. An opportunity for those who feel as I to join together in mediation, prayer, zoom calls, etc. Let's put this together for the highest good of all of us.

I want YOU to know if YOU Believe in Mermaids, keep on believing! You are NOT Alone!
I am here with you!
Join me in living a Mermaid's Life!

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Mermaid Tail or Tale?

About Michelle

Hey You! Thank you for checking out my new site!

My name is Michelle Smith and welcome to my latest adventure!

I channeled a book, My Life as a Mermaid in 2011, sat on if for almost five years before publishing and here we are.

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