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When Beliefs Converge Part 2

As we emerge from the Easter, Passover and Ramadan holy weeks, my prayer is the light not only grows, but empowers, strengthens and emboldens all who fight for truth, love, light joy and wisdom.

You are here, it is time to make yourself known. It is time to come out of the shadows, imposed by those whose lack of understanding has made you feel small, week, crazy or not all together there.

You, like me MUST be willing to fight for the kind of world we WANT TO LIVE IN! THIS IS The Mermaid Message. We all deserver far better than the current shit pie we have been forced to eat while mega billionaires gorge on the fruits of our work.

Think about it. How many yachts does ONE person need?

How many homes?


The list is endless. The old trope of how the billionaires are the reason, blah, blah, blah is bullshit. Complete, utter bullshit. It is WE the workers who create the wealth the billionaires live on. That would be YOU and ME.

Never let anyone tell you you're crazy because you have heart and care about the welfare of others. WE were born to CARE about EACH other and TAUGHT to only care about ourselves.

No wonder they are banning books that open the space for empathy and compassion. Slaves need neither empathy nor compassion. Slaves actually don't need an education which is the end game. After all, when you've removed books you don't like, don't believe in science or math and will only teach a whitewashed version of history, what you have left are brain dead slaves. Worker bees who won't mind making $7.50 per hour.

WE DESERVE BETTER! I Feel the door to Better just got kicked open. Are you ready to walk through?

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